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Why are bomber jackets named as bomber jacket?

A lot of different fashion trends happening at once, but there is something which never goes out of a trend & it's the bomber jacket. A bomber jacket is a masterpiece to have it in your wardrobe. We can see some version of a bomber jacket on everyone from celebrities to style bloggers to moms and school to college going girls. Bomber jackets for Women /Men look classy and stylish which can be carried for a party to meeting and workout.

But the question arises what lies within the name ‘Bomber’? So here is the solution, during World War 1, most airplanes did not have enclosed cockpit so to keep pilots sufficiently warm, U.S. Army developed an aviation clothing board in September 1917 and began distributing heavy duty leather jackets known as ‘The Flight jacket’ also known as the bomber jacket.

Later, in World War 2 Leslie Irvin first designed the flying jacket and manufactured the classic sheepskin flying jacket. In 1926 he set up a manufacturing company in the United Kingdom and became the main supplier of flying jackets.

Bomber jackets were used by the military to fight against the odds of nature, to sustain against the temperature about - 50*C. Later on, it was developed to keep the use of it to hide weapons for protection during War.

Later the bomber jackets got into huge demand because of Tom Cruise movie ‘Top Gun’. In 1970’s-80’s bomber jackets got popular due to a baseball bomber look. In early 2000’s hip-hop Trend carried forward bomber jackets for Women / Men. Have you observed something? Bomber jackets from World War 1 until the present is never off the track. And is back again in trending fashion.

Gone are the days when it was used only for the military purpose, used as a shield for winters.

The bomber jacket has a new definition in a modern era. Bomber jackets for Women/ Men are for every season with its new modification in fabric it’s up to your choice of comfort whether its cotton, linen, silk, printed, etc.

What is the bomber jacket in present era?

A bomber jacket can be identified by its elastic cuffs, front zip closure, and defined neckline. They come in a range of styles and fits, from slim to straight fit, standard waist length design and are available online as well as offline. They almost look better left unzipped.

Bomber jackets for Women/ Men became a popular fashion trend and statement during Autumn 2016 due to celebrity support. Eminem, David Beckham, and Gigi Hadid have been seen blowing the trend multiple times. The impact is due to the versatility of the bomber jacket, most fashion stores released the style through modification of different materials and design. Another influence is the Japonism in fashion. The Japanese clothing became popular within many fashion brands in the form of simplified kimono jackets, galaxy patterns, popular traditional wear of Japan and embroidery carved on the material. The bomber jacket was influenced by Sukajan jackets, a souvenir jacket from Japan. Sukajan jackets have a similar silhouette to the bomber jacket.

We can get Bomber jackets for Women / Men offline online are present on,,