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It's Not Too Early to Give a Calendar Card as a Personal Greeting

Personal greeting cards don't have to be designated as something you give only on holidays. In fact, you can get a head-start on holiday greeting cards by being a little bit creative. When you want to recognize a valued customer or employee this fall before the holidays arrive, why not go with a calendar card to inspire people to start thinking about the upcoming year?

Here at Hammond Greeting & Promotions, we provide numerous calendar cards with different themes so you can cater to any type of personality. Sending one this fall would be perfect to get ahead of the holiday rush when your employees and customers will be inundated with gifts and cards from other people.

What kind of calendar card would best fit the personalities of your employees or customers? Some of them have metaphors and psychological messages that can help your staff get interested in what might happen in 2015.

Finding the Right Calendar Card for Your Recipient

Some of our calendar cards have the calendar right on the front so your recipients can display it on their desk all year round. But you're going to love the artwork on all our calendar cards. Many utilize the year 2015 through creative graphic design and different themes. We have green themes, plus scenic photography to reflect nature. You'll even find ones with international flags on the front to represent diversity if your company plans to expand internationally in the coming year.

It's the overall messages on these cards, though, that you'll appreciate. Many of them have images that instantly inspire, including photography representing teamwork or showing 2015 all in gold to represent it as a gilded year.

When you're giving these to employees now, it can get them geared up for an exciting year ahead. For customers, it can also represent a thanks for their business through 2014, and the hope they'll stick with you through 2015.

That's really the point of sending greeting cards in the first place through your company. The personal reflection of appreciating your customers and employees is going to go a long way in paving a golden path to a good year ahead. All of these people deserve to be recognized. With your personal recognition of a calendar card as a gift, you prove this sentiment.

However, it doesn't have to stop there in the way of card-giving. We carry cards for every possible theme all year, including promotional products you can give to customers or business associates.

Visit us here at Hammond Greeting & Promotions to find the right calendar card for your company. It's time you brought some exciting anticipation to the coming year rather than having your employees and customers go into the new year not knowing what your goals are.

Whitney Hammond is President of and got his start in the greeting card business at the ripe old age of eight, selling holiday cards off the back of Boys' Life magazine to friends and family. The little tike was hoping to sell enough cards to qualify for the neat prizes featured on the magazine's back cover.