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Who wears a Bicycle Jersey?

Nowadays, in Western countries, it does seem as if there are more and more bicycles out there on the streets, and they certainly have made a tremendous comeback, and why not? The reappearance of two wheel travel all over the UK and the continent of Europe has certainly increased. In certain nations such as the Netherlands, they have had special bicycle friendly sections of roads for a very long time going back near on 5 - 6 decades, and cycling is still as popular as ever.

Even cycling holidays nowadays have become very trendy and fashionable as more and more people wish to have an alternative kind of holiday away from all the tourist locales and really see a new place, up close and personal. Getting on and riding a bicycle is a great way to escape from our busy and over scheduled lives, and  being away from sitting in front of a TV and computer screen is a wonderful way to get back to how things were before the onslaught of all this mind numbing technology! Yes indeed, you may even want to leave that smart phone behind for a change, also!

What to Wear? How About the Clothing?

The first thing everybody notices on enthusiastic cyclists are the cycling jerseys. Usually they are pretty bright so as other road users can easily identify them and arelightweight garments for the upper body,specifically designed to provide maximum movement of the arms and neck, while also, still allowing the cyclist to maintain a comfortable temperature. They come in short sleeved and long sleeved designs. Some have been fashioned to slip comfortably over the head, and others have a zipper at the front.

Different Folkslike Different Strokes

There has been a little bit of a debate on the kind of fabric that makes for the superior cycling jerseys. Some folk reckon that all kinds of cycling clothing would be better if made of natural fibres like cotton. They state that a natural fabric helps to allow one’s skin to breathe better and will benefit cycle riders by letting perspiration naturally cool one’s body down.

And then there are cyclists that reckon on blends of synthetic and natural fibres assist in creating an absorption effect that provides the same capabilities, whilst at the very same time the garment still appears to look fresh during riding. The actual fact of the matter is that both kinds of cycling jerseys are perfectly flexible, according to the climate and the frequency of use.

Never Went Back!

Cyclists who utilise their bicycles for amethod of transportation may just find that the blended jersey material is the best option, whereas the more casual type of cyclist might find the cotton type to be ideal.Like many people who decided to give cycling a go, practically none of them ever went back to previous forms of transport, and you will only know why after you’ve tried the experience for yourself!

Stay upright and enjoy!